> > Gfx from "Waiting For the Apocalypse" Demo done in 2000 < <

feel the fury inside you !
Original size 300x400 16 colors used, made with CrackArt

Again a scanned picture reworked on the STe ! This time I'm really happy about the result since I really love the original pic I made ! Btw there's a text missing on the left side reading "feel the fury inside you". In our demo we had to scroll down and up the picture to be able to show it fully, due to it's huge size. I tried to reduce it but then most details were lost :( Again a nice auto portrait (spot the goatee, it's a sign !). I'm mad and I feel the rage inside me ! don't know what will happen the day I accept it and decide to release it, better not be close to me ! Btw in most scanned piccies, the red color isn't painted, it's blood coming from my veins.

Add comments : Surely my favourite picture included in the demo ! Dunno if people liked it or not, but it's me with flesh torn apart. You need to accept yourself the way you are really under your skin ! Abnormal proportions as ever, as if this "character" was growing berserk and out of control !
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