> > logo for maxYMiser soundchip editor by Gwem < <

see the light and have ideas
Original size 300x200 13 colors used, made with CrackArt

Since Gwem liked my work for STJ he asked me to paint logos for maxYMiser, the awesome chip editor he'd been working on. I accepted tho it truly took me ages to get started, because of heavy work and laziness too :) As the YM was to be highlighted, I thought about having a blazing bulb while other letters should have neonlike colors. Here you can spot the first sketch and final version switched. In the intro, the bulb part flashes quite fast, giving some "life" to the YM letters, some idea I had :)

Add comments : maxYMiser will be available soon and POOZ will be the first game featuring music done with that editor !

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