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Now that you've had a look at my guts, virtually ripped open, it's time to pay back (evil grin, drooling) ! Gimme a second and I'll get my scissors ready ! There are several ways for you to enter the last room in this dark dungeon : the shy guys will only pay a short visit to my Guestbook, others will dare drop a note (blood is accepted too)... the bravest (or looniest ?) could be tempted to write (grin) to You can also face the hairy beast on irc, #atariscne channel (sometimes on #suicide too :)
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welcome to the RED ligh world, come to me child and show what you've got. No need to cry as you pay the price for my greed, my lust, my ANGER [ Godgory - Lyrics of Adultery from the RESURRECTION Album] as the flowers wither, I will forget my PAIN since the stars have shone, the DEVIL has shown me the waY [ Amorphis - Lyrics of the way from the TUONELA Album
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