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Who Is STSurvivor ? (and who the hell cares anyway ?)

Break of the Edge Crusher
The purist, non-conformist, jaded subhuman terrorist
From Flesh to Steel and Blood to Blade I fight To Exist
a rival of Justice, extreme rush of Hatred
Survival in a Twisted World Where Nothing is Sacred
[ Fear Factory lyrics of "Edge Crusher" from the OBSOLETE album ]
About the man :

Atari first ignited on December 25th 1990 ! This is a 520 STe upgraded with 4Mb of ram and a 360Mb harddrive. Looks great in black, doesn't it ? I also have a standard Falcon with FPU only used to watch demos and a Lynx2 (wonderful handheld).

About the machine :

STS was switched on in 1974, March 30th to be precise. Getting old but still loony like hell ! Long hair, small glasses, a goatie, some earrings (I'm not gay, thx for asking sucker!) and a couple of tattoos as well... That's me. Btw I'm a true metal lover if you didn't get it :)
this is my 12 year old STe

DEMO_graphy... please wait loading and depacking memory !
really gloomy freak !
My real name is Sébastien LARNAC, I'm French and live in a small town about 15 kms far from Switzerland. I was given my 520 Ste on Xmas eve, back in 1990. It was quite a revelation to me who had spent the previous months typing cryptic commands on the keyboard of my Apple 2C ! Like _most_ Atarians I iddly spent the first years of my Atarian life swapping games and playing like a mad man...

I had already seen some demos at that time but had never really paid too much attention to them, until I had Tekno Drugs in my hands (surely not the best demo ever seen yet still a nicely coded STe demo clip by NLC). Then I realized it was a French production and, from the addresses given in the end part, I got in touch with Thyrex. Shortly after, I started working for NLC as the main editor of the toXiC maG, a French Atari diskmag.

The year was 1994 and in spite of my efforts (cannot say how many letters I sent or how many phone calls I gave to French game companies) the Atari ST was slowly dying... I had quickly made friends with a lot of cool guys, who suddenly left the Scene that same year :(( Then I thought I had been too late... This was the origin of my nickname : seeing the number of Atarians decrease so drastically I called myself ST Survivor.

Let's have a closer look at the crap I've produced over these years !

>> Toxic Mag (1994 - 1999)
I started to paint and also became main editor of ToXic Mag, French Atari diskmagazine in 94. I was in charge of the mag from issue 8 to 17. Due to military and studies crap, I had to give up the head of the mag from issue 13 to 15 to a great friend formely known as The Beast and now called Strider. Toxic Mag died after issue 18 released on December 20th, 1999 in spite of Strider's efforts to maintain the mag alive with the official homepage :(

>> Back In France (1994 - 1998)
Our long delayed project with my very great friend Thyrex. First planned to be a multi crew production, the so called B.I.F. demo ended with only 2 ppl working on it :( Indeed many Atari crews just left the Scene in 94 but Thyrex and I just didn't want to drop our very first demo ! It took us four years mixed with heavy work, lack of motivation, bugs and some meetings too since Thyrex and I live about 700kms far from each other. After many versions, deleted and added screens, we managed to get the demo ready for the competition held at the lame JEM98 party but the lousy organizers didn't manage to present our demo on the giant screen and therefore decided that we had cancelled our entry ! Burn In Hell Lamers ! I invite you to get it now if you've never seen it.

>> Ze Trace (1997 - 1998)
I don't quite remember how I came to meet Ptif and Telsud, two nice fellows tho addicted to porn ! :) We spent a full year working on this tronlike game for St(e) and had quite a lot of fun to speak the truth ! I'm really proud of that game tho it's never been finished (not as we planned it). I had never painted stuff for a game before and working with these crazy guys was a nice experience ! I also met 505 on that occasion, someone I consider a great friend today ! Will you dare follow the TRACE ?

>> Breath (1998 - 1999)
Dunno how but it seems that I somehow acquired a nice reputation as a gfxman ! It must be why I was contacted by Grey of Mystic Bytes to produce lots of piccies for their Error In Line demo called Breath. I think I delivered almost 10 full piccies for them and maybe the best stuff I have ever done ! Besides the demo really kicks ass tho I have a HUGE regret : I was never asked about designing it ! Fx look really look, nice tune by Tao and not so bad gfx by me but there's no link between all of them ! It's nothing more than a nice slideshow of fx then piccies, fx again and so on :( Still nice to enjoy. Note that half these gfx were supposed to be used in Suretrip by Checkpoint but Defjam said he would cancel the demo... so that the Polish guys were happy to get these gfx instead ! Still you can spot two gfx by me in Suretrip :)

>> UnderCover MagaScene (1999 - 2000)
I happened to quit ToXic Mag some weeks before Moondog also gave up the head of UCM, one of the most known English written diskmagazine with Maggie. Before quitting he looked for a new main editor and I took the job without the slightest hesitation ! I released issues 16 to 20 of UCM but also left it as I didn't like the idea of having to follow Moondog's steps... As you surely know Moondog came back to life and released more issues of UCM, all of them being hosted at tscc headquarters

>> Waiting For the Apocalypse (2000)
I still had unused gfx sleeping on my harddrive when Thyrex told me about new stuff he had been working on. As I wanted to release something really dark the idea behind Apocalypse was born ! In summer 2000 I drove to Thyrex place and spent 4 days working with him on that demo, later released at the Unconventional Party held in Lengensfeld, Germany. Tho we completely missed the dark atmosphere we dreamt of (mostly because of unadequate soundchip :() we are still proud of that second production bearing the LOUD! label. Come and get it if you dare :)

>> Alive! diskmagazine (2000 - 2004)
Seeing that I didn't feel at home with UCM while Maggie was also facing problems due to lack of support, CiH/Maggie and I decided to join forces and start Alive! a scene diskmag based on the UCM shell with authorization of its author Earx. So far 9 issues have been released under my responsibility but seeing so little support and so much pressure, I decided to quit this unthankful position after issue (l)8. The mag is now relying on CiH and Cxt shoulders and if you are still interested in it, I suggest you leave these darkness and enter the lights of the Alive! website

>> Other projects ?
Well you can already see pictures by me in some other productions like ST Collection intros, DHS summer compo and other smallies like the great intro by Earx for UCM25. Since I left my "job" as main editor, I've been more active than before on the pixel side of things, working on Pooz, but also Penta, doing logos for Gwem and last but not least making old school piccies for Swe. I already have other projects in mind but you'll have to wait a bit longer to see them come true...

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