Woh heavy steam !
How can you tell a Human from a Machine ?

There's no bleak story behind the creation of this picture but since I like it, I thought it should be included here. This painting shows a supposedly human face made of electronic and organic components. As a true Giger's fan, I've always been drawn to his many paintings mixing mechanical elements with human bodies, namely a style called Biomechanical. Also one of the metal crews I've followed for almost a decade, Fear Factory, often refers to this theme. There are so many computers around that it's going to be hard to live without them now, maybe they'll take control and use US as spare components ?

Add comments : Tho the picture isn't flawless I still believe it shows some style and ideas too. Now that I think of it the tentacles also remind me of Lovecraft's books... Who knows ? Many references can be found here.
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