hmm it must hurt

If you've already visited my pixellised gfx section, you must have seen that I painted a couple of jesters. One of my very early - and very ugly too - 16c gfx was a failed porting of this scanned picture. The jester is me : showing the happy and the dark side that hide in each of us. But this time our jester is tortured by meat hooks (inspiration seemingly coming from a Hellraiser movie) his skin streched beyond its limits... What you may not understand it that sufferings aren't coming from this self imposed torture, it's rather the other way around as sufferings are expressed by such violent torture. Haven't you ever felt so hurt that even tearing your flesh off would feel like relief ? Well I did (and still do sometimes)...

Add comments : I still like this picture tho I'm not that loony anymore. Maybe enough to upload the crap I pixellised on my Ste almost 9 years ago ? We'll see :)
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