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>> Back In France by LOUD! - ST/e demo (565Kb packed)
100% gfa

Also known as the "will it ever be released" gfa megademo, it was entirely created by Thyrex (code) and ST Survivor (gfx) with old tunes heard a thousand times before :) Maybe the only old school ST(e) megademo released in 1998 !

Add Comments : 1Mb of ram is required and the demo doesn't work on Falcon. I guess you can run some screens under Steem since I used this awesome emulator to get these snapshots

>> Breath demo by MYSTIC BYTES - ST/e, runs on Falcon too (607 Kb packed)
even a single breath can hold back life

Demo coded by Mystic Bytes with msx composed by Tao of Cream. This nice demo was released at Error In Line 1999 where it ranked 2nd if I remember well. All fx are neatly designed and a great example of new school style tho only every two lines are displayed. Tao's music is a jewel and perfectly fits the demo ! As for the gfx, I let you make your own opinion :)

Add Comments : I'm very happy I was part of the demo overall quality but I'm also sad my gfx were so inadequately and poorly implemented into this production...

>> ze TRACE by TYPHOON - an ST/e Game, doesn't like Falcon tho (307 Kb packed)
will you dare follow the trace ?

In 1998 I was asked to paint gfx for another Tronlike game on the ST. Working with Ptif and Telsud (code) but also highly talented musician 505 was a great experience ! The game shows a lot of cool ideas like the funny weapons, random bonuses and moving elements on screen plus the different graphical themes offered (bathroom, outer space, atari world, bathroom and graveyard).

Add Comments : A game I played a lot of times having a lot of fun ! Too bad the final version is still lying on my harddrive with only slight corrections needed :( Falcon compatibility and support would have been cool too :(

>> Waiting For The Apocalypse - ST/e demo (470 Kb packed)
I AM waiting for the Apocalypse ? What about you ?

On Summer 2000 the Loud! two member crew came back to life ! both Thyrex and I had ideas about a new demo that would be dark inspired. It took us 4 days to add all elements and merge them into a demo that was presented later in September at the Unconventional Party. Not the dark demo we expected to produce (esp in gfa!) but surely it shows nice effects as usual in pure gfa plus twisted gfx :)

Add Comments : Above all it was a nice moment Thyrex and I shared at his place tho also a sign that Loud! would not bring another demo :(

>> Stone Tower - ST/e intro (180 Kb packed)
better late than never and it was REALLY worth !

This intro that was first planned for UCM15 but was finally released with... UCM25 ! I had to harass Earx for many months before he got convinced that his work was worth it. I first painted the wall texture, also the tower sprite but also the greetings (yeah no font here, just sprites !) and also choose some colors but we finally made it ! And I'm very proud of the result tho it's mainly due to Earx great cdoing skills.

Add Comments : Not much to add, still love to run it from time to time ! Thank you Pieter !

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