experiment number one
Pain test #1

Hey, I WARNED you ! Now if you're still here, you may be waiting for explanations. Somewhere in the mid 90s and after some sad events, I totally got insane, darker than night itself (I won't say it has really stopped since then). Somehow I needed to express the pain I was holding inside of me, trying to put words on something abstract isn't easy tho.

So this is how I felt inside, tortured and betrayed by people I trusted for more than a decade : a drill spinning its bloody way thru my skull, eyes forced to see things they loathe (you may notice that the safe eye manages to shed a tear) and tongue nailed to the chin (preventing me from saying anything). I'm sparing you the text written on the left as it is in French... only a bit too personal to be unveiled here.

Add comments : did you know I'm really fond of the Hellraiser movies ? You may know why now.
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