the Gate to my own Hell
Anatomy of Pain

Now, are you sure you're fully willing to open this gate to my own Hell ? the gate itself was highly inspired by an XMEN comic book published in 1983 (still have it and it's a valuable collectible now) and that plunged all of our heroes in Hell. Still this picture is above all mixed up of odd looking creatures, demonslike, going sort of berserk... and with sharp "things" growing in all directions. This time I also used a brown pencil (woh color ;) and a lame grid papersheet (yeah I know how it sucks when you scan a picture). As for explanations, let me tell you that I planned to write an "artbook" with different squetches to try and put words on my dark feelings.

Add comments : This is of course the cover of my so called artbook "Anatomy Of Pain". Following pictures were part of it by the way. If you think this is going wild, then you'd better leave this section NOW !
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